With some 40 employees distributed between its headquarters in Metro Vancouver, Canada and the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) in New Delhi, India, COL reflects the cultural diversity and breadth of the Commonwealth. Senior staff members, who serve on rotation, are recruited from around the Commonwealth in a wide range of distance education and administrative fields.

Photo of COL Staff, July 2016

Front row (left to right): May Li, Alena Kovar, Jennifer Lam, Anna Lee, Rosanne Wong, Asha Kanwar, Jessica Aguti, Shahid Rasool (visiting from CEMCA office, New Delhi), Venkataraman Balaji, James Onyango

Second row (left to right): Raymond Lee, Alexis Carr, Annette Bacchus, Ricky Cheng, Sharmila Gracieuse, Alison Mead Richardson, Jasmine Lee, Helen Askounis, Puja Prakash, Pauline Tham, Sanjaya Mishra, Charisse Cruz, Erika Pliniussen 

Third row (left to right): Ania Grygorczuk, Kayla Ortlieb, Sparrow McGowan, Ishan Abeywardena, John Lesperance, Carol Walker, Patricia Schlicht, Aaron To, Johan Hendrikz, Frances Ferreira, Doris McEachern, Elizabeth Mitchell, Godson Gatsha, K. Bala

Not present in the photo:
Claire Carigi


COL Organisational Chart